The Involvement of Persons with Disabilities in Lessons of Adaptive Sports


  • Liudmila Rogaleva Ural Federal University
  • Ekaterina Gilyazetdinova Ural Federal University
  • Anastasia Burkova Ural Federal University
  • Vasiliy Shtokolok Ural Federal University
  • Irina Mamaeva Ural Federal University
  • Natalya Khon Turan University. Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • Zhanerke Aidosova Al-Farabi Kazakh National University. Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • Liudmila Fitina Ural Federal University


Adaptive sports, Persons with disabilities, Psychological training


Understanding the importance of the positive role of adaptive sports in the socialization and physical development of people with disabilities leads to the search for optimal ways of involving them in classes. The purpose of our research was to study the psychological difficulties associated with adaptive sports, and on the basis of the data obtained, to develop a program of psychological training aimed at involving people with disabilities in adaptive sports. In total, the study involved 35 specialists in adaptive physical education, 22 people with disabilities, and 25 sportsmen engaged in adaptive sports. A survey of three groups of respondents revealed that personal factors. The second stage was focused on the development and implementation of a psychological training to involve people with disabilities into adaptive sports. The training took place in a mixed group, there were instructors, coaches athletes and non-athletes with disabilities. In the course of communication, the difficulties encountered in the exercise of adaptive sports, the positive perspectives for participation in sports, as well as the sharing of experience in integrating people into adaptive sports were discussed. Psychological training can be recommended as a means of involving people with disabilities into adaptive sports.

The involvement of persons with disabilities in lessons of adaptive sports




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Liudmila Rogaleva, Gilyazetdinova, E. ., Anastasia Burkova, Vasiliy Shtokolok, Irina Mamaeva, Natalya Khon, … Fitina, L. . (2020). The Involvement of Persons with Disabilities in Lessons of Adaptive Sports. Revista De Psicología Del Deporte (Journal of Sport Psychology), 29(2), 201–206. Retrieved from

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