The Moderating Impact of Student Mental Health, Sports Passion, and Athlete Role Model on Students Game Performance: A Survey of Twenty Colleges in Iraq


  • Zuhair Qassem Hammoudi Department of Physical Education & Sport Sciences, Al-Noor University College, Nineveh, Iraq.
  • Murtada Sultan Al-Issa Department of education/ Al-Manara College for Medical Sciences/ (Maysan)/ Iraq
  • Abdul Razzaq Jaber Al Majidi College of Physical Education/Al-Esraa University/Baghdad, Iraq
  • Taha Al Hiali Al-Farahidi University/ College of Education/ Baghdad/ Iraq
  • Zaid Hilal Abed Alqiraishi College of Education/ The Islamic university in Najaf, Iraq.
  • Ali Falah Mohamed Department of Pharmacy, Al-Zahrawi University College, Karbala, Iraq.
  • Hussam abdali abdulridui Department of Medical Laboratories Technology, / Al-Hadi University College, Baghdad,10011, Iraq.
  • Imad Ibrahim Dawood College of Education/ Mazaya University College/ Iraq
  • Maher Mohamed Al-Ameri Department of Education/ AL-Nisour University College/ Baghdad/ Iraq.
  • Mortada Kareem Sabi AlTalb e of Nursing, National University of Science and Technology, Dhi Qar, 64001, Iraq.


Sports Education, Game Performance, Sports Passion, Student Mental Health.


The objective of this study was to assess the influence of students' mental health, sports passion, and athlete role models on the connection between sports education and their game performance. This research aims to address the inconsistencies identified in the existing body of knowledge through previous studies. Twenty colleges in Iraq collected the data set, which included a total of 184 people. A questionnaire using a Likert scale was chosen to collect data through a simple random sampling method. The research findings were analysed using Statistical Packages for Social Sciences (SPSS) 21. Various statistical tests, including descriptive findings, Pearson's correlation, model summary, Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), and coefficients, were employed to examine the data. The study revealed that students' mental health, passion for sports, and the presence of athlete role models play a crucial role in influencing the relationship between their sports education and game performance. This study aims to address the existing gaps in knowledge that have led to inconsistencies in the literature. Policymakers in Iraq must prioritise the sports education of students, considering their enthusiasm for sports and mental well-being, while also providing them with positive role models.




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Zuhair Qassem Hammoudi, Murtada Sultan Al-Issa, Abdul Razzaq Jaber Al Majidi, Taha Al Hiali, Zaid Hilal Abed Alqiraishi, Ali Falah Mohamed, … Mortada Kareem Sabi AlTalb. (2024). The Moderating Impact of Student Mental Health, Sports Passion, and Athlete Role Model on Students Game Performance: A Survey of Twenty Colleges in Iraq. Revista De Psicología Del Deporte (Journal of Sport Psychology), 33(1), 164–173. Retrieved from

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