Research of personality preparedness for sports performance in young footballers


  • Alla Kim Al-Farabi Kazakh National University. Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • Anton Zvezdin Ural Federal University
  • Liudmila Rogaleva Ural Federal University
  • Liudmila Fitina Ural Federal University
  • Sergei Bannikov Ural Federal University


Young footballers, The personality readiness, Psychological and pedagogical work of the coach


The problem of personality readiness for the sports activity has been studied less than needed. Development of personality readiness for sports performance in young footballers goes spontaneously in the beginners and the coaches practically do not control this process that is evidenced by the fact of large departure of young athletes already at the stage of initial training. The purpose of research was to study the indicators of readiness of young footballers to sport activity and to determine the conditions of their formation in the process of psychological-pedagogical work of coach. The following criteria of personality preparedness of young footballers have been recognized: inner motivation for football playing; conscious revealing of the personality traits, which provide success in football playing; ability to adequately evaluate own possibilities and ambition for their development. At the ascertaining experiment it has been revealed that personal indicators of readiness to sport activities at young footballers are not sufficiently developed. In relation to this we have developed a model of psychological-pedagogical work of coaches on forming the personality readiness of young footballers aged 8-10 years old to football trainings. Results of research proved increase of internal motivation, adequate self-esteem and development of reflection at young athletes during the experiment.

Research of personality preparedness for sports performance in young footballers




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