The Sports World Overlooks Women’s Sports in China


  • Mishal Sohail Department of Computer Science, Superior University Lahore, Pakistan
  • Ayesha Firdos Department of Political Science, University of Punjab, Pakistan
  • Sonia IKRAM Department of Computer Science, Superior University Lahore, Pakistan


Sports Industry, Women Sports, Sports Participation, Chinese Sports Industry, Sports Media, Women Sport’s Performance.


The analysis and research indicate that there is remarkable historic evolution in women’s sports participation in China. Women’s sports in China are mostly ignored by the world of sports. There is a huge difference in the level of wages, which vary between international and local competitions held for the sports. Women are eliminated from many sports firstly and then they are eliminated from the coverage. There are many hurdles this overlook towards women. The criteria and standards are for women are more demanding compared to women. There is ignorance by the male leaders towards the women as they have the right of doing decisions making and results are becoming worse day by day. This paper has developed the research design, in which International Sports Industry, Local Sports Industry, and Sports Media are considered as independent variables. Whereas, Women’ Sports Participation, Women Sports Performance, and their role in Economic Status are used as dependent variables. The data was collected from Women Sports Academies and were processed on SEM PLS 3. There were 9 hypothesis statements, out of which 2 were rejected and four were accepted after analysis.




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Mishal Sohail, Ayesha Firdos, & Sonia IKRAM. (2022). The Sports World Overlooks Women’s Sports in China. Revista De Psicología Del Deporte (Journal of Sport Psychology), 31(1), 287–295. Retrieved from

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