Research Progress on Chinese Traditional Archery: A Visualization Analysis Based on CiteSpace


  • Chuanwen Yu School of Physical Education and Health, Heze University, Heze 274015, Shandong, China
  • Mengmeng Liu Dongshin University, Naju-City 58245, Jeollanam-do, South Korea
  • Yihao Li Dongshin University, Naju-City 58245, Jeollanam-do, South Korea.


Chinese Traditional Archery; Bibliometrics; Knowledge System; Research Hotspots; CNK.


With the intensification of global interactions, domestic scholars have progressively recognized the imperative to rejuvenate traditional Chinese archery, embarking on dedicated research endeavours. However, the multifaceted nature of archery, encompassing elements of sport, skill, and weaponry, introduces considerable uncertainties regarding its prospective developmental trajectories. Bibliometric analysis has emerged as a novel methodological approach and scholarly focal point for addressing these uncertainties. This study sought to employ a quantitative methodology to assess the corpus of Chinese traditional archery literature, employing CiteSpace for bibliometric analysis to construct a systematic knowledge map of Chinese traditional archery research. Through a comprehensive review of pertinent literature in the realm of traditional Chinese archery, the aim was to discern the future trajectory of research in this domain, with a view to safeguarding and perpetuating traditional archery within contemporary society while preserving China's cultural heritage. The findings revealed a pivotal emphasis on investigating the educational value of traditional archery in China. Furthermore, discernible research trends indicated a growing interest in elucidating the positive effects of traditional archery on physical health and mental well-being. Additionally, research forefronts included the preservation and advancement of traditional archery skills, the application of cutting-edge technology to augment athletes' competitive prowess, and the integration of traditional archery into interdisciplinary university curricula. Subsequent research endeavours should prioritize delving into the educational significance of traditional archery and harnessing advanced technology to enhance athletes' competitive capabilities.




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