Development and validation of the Elite Athlete Commitment Scale

Sílvio Castro Ramadas, Sidónio Olivério Serpa, António Boleto Rosado, Esmeralda Fernandes Gouveia, João Paulo Maroco


Research has led to the development of a recent measure of sport commitment entitled the Elite Athlete Commitment Scale (EACS). This tool is based on three factors (school/employment dedication, social isolation and life discipline) and it was designed to assess to what extent athletes are willing to give up certain activities in order to increase their involvement in sport. In an initial study, a confirmatory factor analysis confirmed that these factors reflect the three different facets of the commitment construct. When a second-order factor (commitment) was added, the goodness-of-fit indexes still displayed very good values. In a second study, criterion and construct validity were assessed. The results represent a valid contribution to the field of sports psychology, bearing in mind this construct’s discriminatory capacity at different levels of sports performance.

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